The Heartlands, so named because they are the oldest and largest of the human cities, are located in the mountainous south-eastern region. The Heartlanders have the most complex of all the human cultures, and a heavier focus on discipline, both of mind and body, than can be found in any of the other human kindreds. The Heartlanders are aristocratic, and rule over large populations of Heartland peasantry.

Physical Description

An aristocratic Heartlander is generally of middling height and dark of complexion. The men often sport ornately braided beards, and generally tie back their hair in a top-knot. Heartlander women wear their hair long, and tied with ribbons. The fashions of the aristocracy tend towards loose, flowing garb, of silk where possible, or wool where not.


Heartland society is divided between the aristocracy and the peasantry. Generally, aristocrats are either rulers in some form, or serve as knights, scholars or priests for their liege lords. Much of their society revolves around the feudal structure, though the monks and shamans fall outside of it.


The Heartlander aristocracy’s most obvious relation is their rulership over the peasants of the Heartlands, which is a long standing and largely accepted system. They have some trade relations with the Flatlands Nomads, and Heartlander ships are known to travel all along the southern coast, trading with the Giants and Orcs. Most Heartlanders are unfamiliar with Dwarves beyond the ancient legends telling how they tore the world asunder, so generally are not well disposed towards them.

Alignment and Religion

Heartlanders tend towards a lawful alignment, due both to their focus on self-discipline, and on their position as rightful rulers. They tend towards a more organised religion than is common among many humans, though it is still shamanistic. They especially revere the spirits of dragons, attributing a great dragon-spirit to each of the mountains of their home.


Heartlanders tend adventure as a way of testing themselves and their honour against the world. Some are driven to it by poverty, as noble blood does not necessarily equate to wealth, yet aristocrats are expected not to resort to manual labour or begging. In any case, it tends to be the lower ranks of the aristocracy who take to adventuring, for both their privileges and responsibilities are less.


Male: Ando, Ichiro, Jiro, Kaito, Keita, Moda.
Female: Ako, Ichigo, Kimicho, Nomoto, Yukii.

Racial Traits

As Pathfinder Human.

Suggested Classes

  • Fighter: Heartlanders pride themselves on their martial discipline. Alternate Favoured Class Benefit: Add +1 to the fighter’s CMD when resisting two combat maneuvers of the character’s choice.
  • Monk: It is not uncommon for the younger sons and daughters of noble families to join monasteries. Alternate Favoured Class Benefit: Add +1/4 to the monk’s ki pool.
  • Psion: Heartlanders believe in cultivating the mind as well as the body. Alternate Favoured Class Benefit: +1 Power Point.

Suggested Occupations

Academic: Many nobles who do not hold titles take up lives of study.
Aristocrat: This occupation makes perfect sense for a Heartlander nobleman.
Artist: The arts are held in high regard in the Heartlands.
Cloistered: In the Heartlands, monasteries are commonly located on isolated mountain tops.
Heir: There are plenty of young aristocrats, waiting to inherit.
Scribe: The lower ranks of the nobility commonly serve as functionaries for their superiors.
Student: The Heartlands are one of the few places where universities can still be found.

Character Ideas

Blademaster: A Heartlander Fighter gets a lot of feats, especially if he is also a knight (Military occupation). Armed with a Katana, such a character could be a talented warrior.

Exile: A Heartlander Barbarian with the Outcast occupation could be a warrior who was exiled for letting his temper overcome his honour. He would gain Toughness as a bonus feat, and could use his two starting feats to take Endurance and Diehard, making him very hard to kill.

Father and Son: A Heartlander Psychic Warrior with the Aristocrat occupation, and his son, the Ranger Heir. The father focuses on distracting his opponents in melee, while the son, using the Precise Shot feat, lends covering fire with his bow. Given their prestigious background, these two can easily afford high quality weaponry to make them even more effective.

Racial Specialty

Heartlander Martial Arts


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