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The campaign takes place in a fantasy world still suffering the aftermath of the terrible technomantic weaponry unleashed at the battle of Kenazdakar. The characters will journey through the wilderness and wastelands separating the few surviving cities, and search for riches and glory amidst the ruins of the ancient dwarven empire.

Campaign Info

After Kenazdakar takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting, so there are a few changes to the default rules you should be aware of:

  • Magic is gone. When the Dwarves unleashed their superweapon, they tore away the mortal races’ ability to wield magic, both arcane and divine. Nowadays, people rely on psionic abilities, or have turned back to the old shamanistic ways.
  • Equipment is precious. Player characters won’t be able to rely on huge hoards of gold, or on discovering all the powerful items they need. We’ll be using modified wealth rules, to represent scavenging and bartering ability. This also means that in addition to Race and Class, every character has an occupation which they pursue to gain income.
  • Only the strong can survive. Much of the campaign will involve journeying across the scarred landscape, and surviving in the wild. Characters who are able to get along in the wilderness will be of great use to the group.
  • It’s a cruel world. I’m going to be using a lot of random charts for this campaign, so you shouldn’t expect everything you encounter to be vanquishable. Sometimes it’s wise to run away…








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